St Leonards Self Contained Accommodation

Finding accommodation on your travels isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes you end up in a place for longer than it would be convenient to stay in a hotel, but not long enough to justify signing a fixed lease. What can you do to prevent getting into that kind of predicament? You’ll want a place that can feel like home for the duration of your stay, but not a place where you plan on settling in for the rest of your life. Where’s your happy medium in a situation like this?

If you’re looking for a short term apartment in St Leonards, then we have an idea for you. Try apartmentsplus, a Sydney-based company formed in 2002. We’ve been helping connect people with flexible housing for over ten years, by offering short term apartments for corporate executives, expats, holiday makers, people in the process of relocating, or anyone else who needs self-contained accommodation in St Leonards.

Flexible Occupancy and Duration for Your St Leonards Accommodation

Our short term apartments in St Leonards offer the convenience of no fixed lease and flexibility with regards to the duration of your stay. This means that you’ll never have to worry about paying for a place longer than you require. Avoid ugly legal battles with landlords who don’t want to let you out of your contract, or putting off your trip until you can afford to meet the conditions of a fixed lease. At apartmentsplus, our commitment to first class customer service means that we’re here to help, not to hinder. We want you to find accommodation in St Leonards that works for you, no matter how long you plan on staying.

A Wide Variety of Apartments and Services

At apartmentsplus, we want you to feel at home while you’re away. We know that everyone has different tastes and that the space you live in is paramount to your quality of life. That’s why we offer an incredible range of apartments in St Leonards. If you’re travelling alone, you may be interested in a studio or one-bedroom unit. Those of you with families may lean towards a two or three bedroom apartment.

Are you on a business trip? Then think about one of our executive apartments. All of our St Leonards self-contained accommodation come with unlimited Wi-Fi so that you can stay caught up on your work and fully equipped so that you can settle right in on arrival. We also offer an extensive range of optional enhancements for your stay, including hired car airport transfers and corporate grocery welcome packs, which are easy for us to arrange for you upon request.

No matter how long you plan to spend in St Leonards, you want to be comfortable with your surroundings. At apartmentsplus, we offer alternatives to extended hotel stays or fixed leases, by giving you unique levels of flexibility and a huge amount of choice in where you live. Contact us today for personalised comfort and a home away from home.

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