Serviced Apartments Chatswood

If you plan on staying any longer than a couple of weeks, you’ve probably already ruled out the idea of staying in a hotel. Hotels are expensive, and besides, they may be quite impersonal. No hotel, no matter how many stars it has next to its name in the travel guide, is going to feel like home. No hotel will let you put up your own art in the rooms or move in your own furniture, and very few of them have the proper facilities for you to cook your own meals.

As another potential option, perhaps you’ve thought about some of the serviced apartments in Chatswood. Apartments that come with amenities can be tempting, but watch out – you’ll often end up paying more than you planned for services that you’ll simply never take use. There is, however, one more option available to you: rent a short term self-contained apartment with no fixed lease.

Serviced Apartments in Chatswood

Yes, it does. Through apartmentsplus, a Sydney-based company founded in 2002, you can now rent self-contained apartments in Chatswood and other areas that are ideally suited for the length of your stay. Our superlative flexibility and commitment to customer service mean that you’ll be able to feel right at home in your new apartment, without any sense of obligation whatsoever, and you’ll only have to pay for the amenities that you want.

A Huge Range of Chatswood Apartments

We have apartments all over Chatswood: studios, one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms—you name it. All of them include free Wi-Fi, but for those of you who have special requirements (businesspeople in particular), our corporate apartments also come with a variety of services, including hired car airport transfers and corporate grocery welcome packs. These are organised quickly and conveniently on request, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for something special on your business trip!

In Chatswood, serviced apartments can be extremely pricey and occasionally impractical. But you won’t find anything that you don’t want or need when you rent a self-contained apartment through apartmentsplus.

A Lesson About Leases

Fixed leases can turn your wonderful trip to Chatswood into a mess of complicated legal trouble if you end up signing for more time than you plan to spend living in your apartment. Unfortunately, this will usually end with you paying out of your pocket for the time that you ended up spending elsewhere. When you rent Chatswood apartments with apartmentsplus, however, we never make you sign a fixed lease. That way, you can have the apartment for the exact amount of time that your trip requires, and avoid going over budget during your stay.

Contact apartmentsplus today to find out more information about the apartments and services that we offer. It’s the easiest way to make sure that you can feel at home away from home.

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