North Shore Serviced Apartments

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Contact Apartments Plus when you are looking for North Shore Serviced Apartments. Taking the holiday of your dreams should be a rewarding and enriching experience; even the preparations you make in advance of heading out the door should be exciting. After all, there’s something to be said for the anticipation that comes from waiting to do something enjoyable. When it comes to finding accommodation, though, it’s not always easy. That’s especially true when you’re planning on spending an extended stay away from home. While you might be spending your time looking for serviced apartments on the North Shore, there’s another option you can explore. With Apartments Plus, you can find short-term rentals online with ease.

Not only do the apartments on the North Shore you can find with us have everything you need for a comfortable stay, but they are often located in very desirable areas. When you can have a comfortable bed, access to a kitchen, and a central location all in one place, why not check it out? With Apartments Plus on your side, planning for your holiday can go back to being fun and carefree. Finding the perfect place to stay at the right price becomes much simpler with our services. Consider a few of the main benefits of opting to use our service instead of seeking out North Shore serviced apartments.

North Shore Serviced Apartments

The easy way to find short term apartments on the North Shore

First and foremost, it’s easy to find apartments with Apartments Plus. Right here on our website you can browse our available areas and use the map view to plan out the best places to stay. Looking at what’s nearby including entertainment and activities is easy. Booking in advance is also just as quick and easy; once you’ve put down money for a North Shore apartment, that’s pretty much it — just get excited! We’ll make you feel right at home no matter how far you’ve come. Picking up your keys is simple; we’ll let you know where to go when you arrive.

Your stay will be private, comfortable, and feature all the amenities you would expect, including Wi-Fi. You’ll have plenty of clean linens and towels, a comfortable bed in which to sleep, and space to relax in between holiday activities. It’s a fantastic and affordable alternative to choosing a serviced apartment. Of course, should you have any questions, just let us know; we aim to deliver a “#1” experience in customer service for everyone.

North Shore Serviced Apartments: Let Apartments Plus find a comfortable place to stay with ease

When you’re on the hunt for North Shore apartments that you can use as a comfortable, cosy retreat during your visit to Sydney, Apartments Plus helps you make the connection with ease. Plus, with the additional benefit of things such as free Wi-Fi and other optional add-ons, you can plan out your entire holiday in style. No matter whether you’re coming for two weeks or two months, we can help you to find the perfect place to stay without needing to look for serviced apartments instead. Explore all our listings here on our website, or give us a ring on 1300 302 846 to let us know what you need.

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